How To Choose A Water Heater

Of course, it is essential that the house has hot water. However, not always in our public services is a service such as providing the population with warm water. Agree, it is not easy to wash the dishes in cold water, and it’s not very comfortable to take a cold shower. In such a case, such a beautiful device as a water heater comes to the rescue.

The water heater is relevant at any time of the year. It will be useful, both in hot summer and cold winter. But, as with any technique, the water heater needs to be selected correctly. For example, an incorrectly decided water heater may not have time to heat water for all family members. And only, it was necessary to choose a larger tank capacity for 20 liters and a half kilowatt more than a heater. Such a seemingly simple mistake in selecting a boiler can spoil a lot of nerves.

This article will help to avoid unnecessary mistakes and choose the kind of water heater that you need.

To choose a water heater, first of all, you need to determine the best place for its installation. The area where the water heater will be installed is critical because it is from there that hot water will come to all the cranes in your house. If the water heater is too far from one or another tap, then every time you turn on hot water, you will need to wait until a certain amount of cold water flows out. Also, there must be free access to the water heater to adjust the water heating temperature. The most common in our country are water heaters of storage type but do not forget about flowing.…

Water Heaters Of Flow Type

Flowing water heaters can be electric or gas. This type of water heater, comparable with the cumulative, has a more compact size, which makes it initially more attractive to the consumer. The essence of the water heater storage type is that it instantly heats the water that passes through it. In other words, there should be no interruptions with hot water in the presence of such a water heater. This is also a plus.

Nevertheless, the flow type of water heaters remains hugely unpopular. The thing is that the gas type requires special conditions during installation. You must have at least a gas main for such a device, a free flow of air into the room, as well as ventilation to drain the exhaust gas.

Electric flow-through water heaters, in turn, are also of little demand on the Ukrainian market. Electricity consumption of an electric instantaneous water heater can reach 30 kW. Wiring an average apartment or house cannot withstand half that capacity. And to take a simple shower, you need a flowing water heater with a capacity of at least 12 kW.

Such high demands and such wastefulness in electricity consumption made running water heater type uninteresting for ordinary Ukrainian consumers.

 The Water Heater Of Storage Type

Water heaters for storage type are much more adapted for our life. Such water heaters have a tank of a particular volume, where cold water is stored, and a heating element (which is more economical than its counterparts in running water heaters) gradually heats it.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is on this type of water heater that buyers choose their choice. Therefore, we will consider in more detail, in what parameters need to be oriented, so as not to lose with the decision of the water heater.