plumbing upgradePlumbing is a part of your home you likely take for granted. You turn the water on for your shower or coffee each morning, and you expect it to flow cleanly out of the faucet or tap. But like any other system in your home, plumbing can wear out, so it’s important to be able to spot signs that it’s time for a plumbing upgrade

Common Signs a Plumbing Upgrade Is Needed

Finding problems before they have a chance to grow into catastrophes is important when maintaining your home’s plumbing. Here are some common signs of pending plumbing problems:

  • Stains – Stains on the surfaces underneath pipes or on the walls where pipes run can indicate a leak. Be sure to have a professional locate and fix that leak before it has a chance to grow.
  • Tubing problems – Check the visible pipes and tubing for warping, discoloration, staining, pimples or flaking. These are all signs of corrosion, which needs to be addressed.
  • Leaks – If you’re consistently developing small leaks, it may indicate a plumbing upgrade is in order.
  • Water color – Fill the tub and check the color of the water. If it’s brown or yellow, it’s time for a plumbing upgrade. This is a sign of decay and rust inside the pipes.

How to Upgrade Plumbing

If you notice these problems, it’s time to call a professional plumber for help. Performing plumbing upgrades before serious problems develop is always a good idea, plus it’s less costly than waiting until you have a pipe burst or a serious leak that damages your home.

For more information about whether you need a plumbing upgrade, contact a professional and trusted Carlsbad plumber. We proudly serve the Carlsbad area of San Diego and our experienced professionals are happy to help you with all your home comfort needs!

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